This morning I awakened even later than usual (retirement has its perks) and as is my habit rushed to the TV to see what deeds our dear leader had perpetrate while I slept. I learned that he had given assurance that I was now safe from nuclear holocaust due to his superior skills in the art of the deal, and in a follow up tweet doubled down (see my previous blog) on previous assertions that the press was our worst enemy.

The Predictability of a Narcissist
Many describe Trump as unpredictable, but I insist that is not the case. When one is aware of his character flaws his behaviors are quite consistent. A narcissist can always be depended upon to make decisions which are self-serving and which can be used to confirm his inflated self-image. Prior to his love fest with the North Korean guy, I predicted that he would give the farm away and return home claiming a great diplomatic triumph, and he did not disappoint. I am told the North Koreans studied Trump extensively. Certainly, they must have learned that his major vulnerability would be his response to flattery. I found it interesting that following their joint appearance Trump put his hand on the dictator’s shoulder and seemed to guide him from the podium. In return this man alleged to be murderer and torturer of thousands appeared to be submissive.

You Just Got Played
As I witnessed this scenario, and listened to him praise this chubby little dude said to be the cruelest man on the planet, I thought “Yep, Trump has been played.” Trump had insisted that his superior mind reading powers would allow him to assess whether Kim could be trusted, and his analysis led him to believe he could. It was reminiscent of the time the younger President Bush reported that he had looked into Putin’s eyes, saw his soul and discovered he was “straightforward and trustworthy” as all the while Putin was deciding to annex Crimea and invade Ukraine.

The Truth is a Narcissist’s Worst Enemy
Although it is true that people, including Presidents, generally dislike criticism, our current leader has taken his antipathy to a new level with his pronouncement that the press is a danger to the country. It certainly is true that the media is a danger to him. In spite of the fact that his craving for notice leads him to continuously seek press coverage, he becomes irate when it is not flattering, and with the exception of Fox News there is little evidence of his greatness on display in either the print or broadcast media. Since he is the greatest human being on the planet, he can only conclude that most news is “fake”, and he is a victim of conspiracies.
It is understandable that he would not like anyone in the business of gathering news for their’s is a search for truth, and truth has never been Mr. Trump’s strong suit. As a matter of fact since the Washington Post has kept track of his publicly delivered untruths (mother said it is not polite to call someone a liar), he has set new records in that category. Once again a careful analysis of falsehoods would likely show that most have to do with self-aggrandizement.
A casual attitude toward truth was well entrenched in his personality long before Trump decided to reach for the nation’s top spot. Let’s just do a quick review:

  • He hung on to that birther thing long after it was proven to be absolutely false.
  • The Trump University thing ranked right up there with Brooklyn bridge sales on the outrageous scale, but he managed to quietly settle that one as it heated up.
  • There is also the promise to release his IRS records, and to separate himself from business interests.

His now famous book “The Art of the Deal” seems to suggest a large part of that art is deception, or is that just good business practice?

Unconventional or Unacceptable? Mind Games on Display.
His supporters use the term unconventional to describe his behaviors, but I find his penchant for insulting heads of democratic friendly governments, while complimenting dictators very disturbing. I am also concerned that behaviors, which in past years would have been abhorrent, seem now to have found widespread acceptance. One friend made the comment: “I know he is different, but he has done some good things” which made me wonder if we are entering into an era of situation ethics.  Is the end justifies the means to be our modus-operandi? Are we now willing to discard moral codes which were once revered? Perhaps there is now hope to be found in his new-found dream of winning the Nobel Prize, in that such a pursuit could lead him down a path which would not only satisfy those insatiable ego needs but be good for our country.

Meanwhile I will continue to be sucked into waiting with baited breath for the next round of tweets along with the rest of the world, thus remaining complicit in enhancing his power. I am sure he loves the ratings.


  1. You should know that you can’t teach those who don’t want to learn. Yes ignorance may be bliss but can also be very dangerous. I realize that he Trump cult members will not change no matter what, but it makes me feel better to think I tried.


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