About Eshrink…my dad. This is Maggie, daughter of eshrink and proud blog editor. My dad has always been a great writer, in addition to being a caring and compassionate psychiatrist, Mr. Fixit handyman, role model, and #1 dad. He is part of the greatest generation (born in 1930) and gets more accomplished in a day than I do in a month. He didn’t grow up with computers, but his determination compels him to sit in his office and “curse at that computer” (that’s how my mom describes it) until he figures it out. I hope you enjoy his blog posts. I know I do! Happy reading. Oh…what led to this blog. I put together dad’s short stories in a book a few years ago, and since he finally retired at age 82, I started hounding him about starting a blog. It took a while, but in his typical fashion…once he decided to do it, he has been full speed ahead!  You can download a pdf of his book “Reflections for the Future” or order the hard back version. The main part of the book is the story of his childhood, specifically the view of WWII from his perspective at age 10.

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