2 thoughts on “President Donald

  1. Well, Smitty, despite your ‘objectively’ it seems difficult for you to accept a really different head. Hey, I was unhappy with both candidates. I really wondered what my mother a true Democrat with not a ‘blue’ streak in her personality would have said about Hillary. She refused to vote for a friend of ours for mayor of Canton because she felt he was cheating by ‘double dipping’ with retirement. As for me, I find I am a ‘square peg in a round hole’ politically,
    I like your ‘porch swing’ musings better.


  2. Hooray for y our Mom. We need more like her. You are correct in that I don’t much care for the “head”. I like heads who are a little more sane. I do agree that reality sucks. I hope you are well. I hope to get back in the porch swing as soon as I get over my grief.


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